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How many people, situations, objects exist in our lives that don’t seem so critical, but whose absence can sink us? It could be the morning hug from your little brother, giving you the sweetest vibes for your day ahead. Imagine that a traffic signal in your work route broke down, and what a difference it would make to your day! Suddenly, the absence of a warm hug, the signal that ensures a smooth traffic loom so much on your psyche, it would be hard to retain any positivity to your day.

A production executive is crucial to a movie in similar ways. The jobs of a production executive are so wide and varied, it cannot be easily put, just the way the million little things that made your day can’t be numbered.

However, let’s start from the pre-production process. The production executive works in acquiring the script from the writer. They acquire the development rights to a story and work on developing it. The production executive hands the script over to the studio and doesn’t work on any technical aspects of the film.

He also authorizes and supervises the packaging of the film in a way that it benefits the film, all the while managing every little aspect of the production.


Bruce Lee, with producer Fred Weintraub during the production of Enter the Dragon, 1973
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A production executive can sometimes be the producer of the film who works for a firm exclusively for a fixed salary and other such perks. A production executive of a company takes care of day to day tasks, such as making sure they are properly prepared, are within the budget and on schedule. He must also coordinate with the people on set so that the executives of the company are aware of the progress.

Among the producer credits, there are various titles given for the different jobs that they perform, namely, Executive producer, Co-producer, Associate producer apart from the main producer himself. The credit he gets could depend upon the studio from which the film is being made and their contribution to the film. An executive producer is someone who brings something to the project that is very crucial and would be brought onboard only if the studio executives agree that he is valuable to the film.


Christopher Nolan with Zack Synder on the sets of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
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For reference, Christopher Nolan acted as the executive producer for the films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League as he had gained considerable amount of expertise working on The Dark Knight Trilogy. This made him qualified for the role as he could give some priceless insights into the film making process.

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