Movie jobs you have never heard of (probably) III

Posted on 07th august, 2018

Apart from the production crew that are part of a specific department, there are several other people at work in a film production. Although the viewers don't recognize their work, their contributions help to fill the gaps between various processes and help the film by helping the main people on the set. They form an integral part of the production process, but their efforts often go unnoticed. In this blog, we are acknowledging them and their invaluable assistance to the creation of the movies.

Food Stylist:

A food stylist works to make the food on the screen look as appetizing and scrumptious as possible. Food stylists also decide the accessories to accompany the setting of the food, such as the appropriate cutlery, serving cloth etc. For example, a typical South Indian meal looks most appetizing on a banana leaf. The food stylist might also work as the food photographer in most cases. The food in movies is generally half cooked by the stylist for the colours to look more vibrant. Apart from this, the stylist makes use of several other tricks to ensure that their job is well done.

Data Wrangler:

A data wrangler ensures that the raw footage shot on a particular day of filming is transferred to the Editor without any loss or corruption. As the reels of the film are passed on for post-processing, the data wrangler keeps strict tabs on who has received the footage and makes copies of them.

Craft Service:

The job of the craft service is to keep the crew of the movie well fed and hydrated all day long. Their work begins in the early hours of the morning, cutting or sourcing fresh vegetables, fruits and coffee, or any other snacks to be laid out. The long work hours on a film set mean that very often, the crew are hungry and in desperate need of calories. While the main meals are catered, the excellent job of providing snacks such as salads, tea, pizzas, coffee, doughnuts and various other food stuffs belongs to the craft service.



Believe it or not, teleprompters are an important part of the technical crew because this job is for a large extent manually done. The words read by your favourite politician (Barack Obama) or TV commentator or YouTube star are not read out from within the mines of their head, but by a screen over which words pass in a single line. The screen used is commonly made of glass so that it’s not reflected in the camera lens. Not many appear natural while reading a teleprompter, which is why the technician must adjust the speed and brightness, as well as coach the speaker on the etiquette of reading.

Cinema Drivers:

Cinema drivers are hired to do exactly what their title suggests- they drive. They drive the directors, artists, DOPs, other technical crew to the area of shooting, and spend the rest of the day in doing any odd job that requires the use of a car. Most cinema drivers own swanky cars, have good sensibility on road routes and great driving efficiency.

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